What is The Witch's Nail?


The Witch's Nail is an industrial strength dual band writer. Designed for mentalists, this writer gives you the ability to write cleanly in two different colored inks. Without having to switch writers! 


This is a must have utility item for any mentalist. Built to last out of stainless steel & hand painted in three different flesh tones to match most skin types. 


Included You Will Recieve: 


- The Witch's Nail Writer (with choice of skin tone) 

- PDF Ebook & Instruction Manual with Routines & Maintenance

- Extra Replacement Leads

- Hard Plastic Carrying Case 


Can be used for: 

- Classic nail writing routines 

- Dual reality routines 

- Multiple Out routines 

- And more! 


The Witch's Nail

Select Skin Tone: