2019 PEA Awards & Honors

Ladies & gentlemen, we are trying something a little different for awards nominations this year. Below you will find a fairly comprehensive form. Please fill out EACH box for your nomination or your entry may not be counted. Just so you know what to vote for, below is a description of the awards and honors. 

All entries will go to the committee chair and then brought to the entire committee for comment and approval. 

Your Awards Committee, 

Christopher Bolter (chair) 

Doug Dyment

Mark Garetz

Laurence Hookway 

Jon Stetson 

P.S - you're welcome to send in multiple nominations for Different awards. Simply resend the form again with your new award and nominee. Thanks! 

Here is a list of the Awards! 

Bascom Jones Memorial Award

Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to the Psychic Entertainers Association.  The recipient should have

contributed in a significant fashion to the PEA.  That could include publishing many articles in Vibrations,

significant contributions here on the Nest, committee work, or anything else that has been a help to the

PEA above and beyond the call.

Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to the Psychic Entertainers Association

Recipients include:  Bob Haines (1990); Robin DeWitt [Kardor] (1991); Ken Chandler (1992); Dave Lederman (1993); Roy Miller (1994); Bob Bluemle (1995); Elliott Black (1996); Bruce Barnett (1997); Chuck Hickok (1998); Doug Dyment (2000); Bill Scott (2001); Ford Kross (2002); Marcello Truzzi (2003); Ken Weber (2004); Mark Garetz (2005); Loyd Auerbach (2006); Michael Sibbernsen (2007); Richard Busch (2008); Roy Schubert (2009); Alice Fienning (2010); Charles Pecor (2011); Dave Himelrick (2012); Bob Killian (2013); Tony Razzano (2014); Roger Ferriby (2015); Joe Curcillo (2016); Jeremy Weiss (2017); Joe Zabel (2018)

Dan Blackwood Memorial Award

Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Mentalism.  The recipient should have moved the art of

mentalism (or any of our allied arts, such as hypnotism or bizarre performance) forward in a significant way.  

That could be because of an outstanding single event, publication or performance, or a history of smaller

contributions that add up to having had a significant impact on our art.

Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Mentalism

Recipients include:  Bascom Jones (1988); Orville Meyer (1989); Tom & Liz Tucker (1990); Larry Becker (1991);

Al Mann (1992); Charles Scott (1993); Tony Corinda (1994); Lee Earle (1995); Ned Rutledge (1996); John Riggs (1997);

Bruce Bernstein (1998); Jack Dean (1999); Max Maven (2000); Ted Karmilovich (2001); Carl Herron (2002);

Gerry McCambridge (2004); Richard Busch (2005); Steve Shaw [Banachek] (2006); Richard Webster (2007);

Alain Nu (2008); Andy Nyman (2009); Gary Lee Williams (2010); Barrie Richardson (2011); Nick Belleas (2014); Bob Cassidy (2015); Richard Osterlind (2016); Millard Longman (2017); Ed Fowler (2018)

Dave Lederman Memorial Award

Awarded for Creativity in Mentalism.  The recipient should have shown outstanding creativity in mentalism (or any of our allied arts, such as hypnotism or bizarre performance).  That could be because of an outstanding single contribution (but it would really have to be game-changing), or, more commonly, a history of smaller contributions.

Awarded for Creativity in Mentalism

Recipients include:  Bob Cassidy (1996); Steve Shaw [Banachek] (1997); Ted Karmilovich (1998); Barrie Richardson (1999); Larry Becker (2000); Gene Grant (2001); Richard Busch (2002); John Riggs (2003); Bruce Bernstein (2004); Max Maven (2005); Gene Nielsen (2006); Richard Mark (2007); Kenton Knepper (2008); Lior Manor (2009); Charles Gauci (2010); Bob Siepielski (2011); Roy Schubert (2012); Markus Beldig (2013); Colin Mcleod (2014); Docc Hilford (2015); Andrew Gerard (2016); Dan Tong (2017); Doug Dyment (2018)

Dunninger Memorial Award

Awarded for Distinguished Professionalism in the Performance of Mentalism.  

This is our top award and is the only award that must go to a performer. The recipient is usually a full-time

pro and one that represents our art in a positive way. Because we consider this to be our most prestigious

award, most recipients will use this award in their marketing.  Therefore the committee and the board will

give this award the most attention.  We want the recipient to be someone we (as an organization) can be

proud of, so when nominating someone for this award, take into account their professionalism both on

and off stage.

Awarded for Distinguished Professionalism in the Performance of Mentalism

Recipients include:  Ross Johnson (1988); Craig Karges (1989); Richard Webster (1990); Glenn Falkenstein & Francis Willard (1991); Ted Lesley (1992); Ken Weber (1993); Tim Conover (1995); Satori (1996); Jeff & Tessa Evason (1997); Marc Salem (1998); Anton Zellman (1999); Gary Kurtz (2000); Lior Manor (2001); Gil Eagles (2002); Anthony Blake (2003); Gerry McCambridge (2005); Derren Brown (2006); Steve Shaw [Banachek] (2007); Gerard Senehi (2008); Henrik Fexeus (2009); Uri Geller (2010); Bob Cassidy (2011); Kreskin (2012); Guy Bavli (2013); Jon Stetson (2014); Michael Weber (2015); Max Maven (2016); Chris Carter (2017); Colin McLeod (2018)

Here are some guidelines to consider when making your nominations:

1.  Most importantly, when you nominate someone it is not sufficient just to submit a name and award.  Please also include your reasons for why that person qualifies for and is deserving of the award.  Note that a huge document is not required (or desired) - a paragraph or two is sufficient.

2.  The award nominations are confidential and conducted via email.  Send your nomination to me and they will be shared with the other committee members. Please don't send to others on the committee. There should be NO discussion of candidates here on the Nest or anywhere else. 

3.  While we would prefer to give the awards to PEA members, there is no requirement that the recipient be a PEA member (with the exception of the Bascom Jones award, which should obviously be awarded to a PEA member).  With the exception of those deceased since the last MOTM, awards are not given posthumously.

4.  For each award, prior recipients are not eligible.  They are eligible for a different award, just not the same one. For a list of prior recipients, click here.  Please check the list before submitting the nomination.

5.  Campaigning for awards is frowned upon (either by a candidate or a third party) and could cause a candidate to be denied an award they may have otherwise received.

6.  You CAN NOT nominate yourself & the deadline for nominations is May 10th, 2019.  

7. The campaigning for awards is not permitted by the PEA. Campaigning will result in rejection of the nomination.